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Finding love was never in the lesson plan!

After a broken engagement, Maddie Carlisle has moved on. She has a new job, bought a new car, and is going back to college. Relationships are the last thing on her agenda, which is why her two best friends instruct her on the rules of a one-night stand. When Maddie leaves the bar with a stranger, she feels empowered, even after they only part with a kiss. Yet when the summer is over and she heads back to the classroom, she discovers the stranger from the bar is her new professor.

Bryan Weston is starting over at a new university after a jilted student caused havoc on his career. The last thing he needs is to be attracted to a student, yet he wants to believe he can keep his feelings for Maddie strictly professional. But when Maddie gets harassing phone calls and then someone vandalizes her car, Bryan is compelled to help, even if it means putting his own reputation on the line.



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Gina Leuci

Everyone Needs A Little Romance